[NetEpic ML] Infantry saving throws

From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 23:26:00 PST

Hi again boyz

I had a little playtest battle last night ...

here are the rules we went with:

Each player used a marine battle company, a predator detachment and a land
raider detachment.

Marine infantry got a 4+ save, all vehicles kept their saving throws.

Infantry bolters were made all purpose
Pistols were anti-infantry
Tank bolters anti-infantry
Heavy weapons all purpose
Autocannon all purpose
Lascannon anti-tank

Anti-infantry guns hit infantry with their save modifier, they dont scratch
All purpose guns hit all targets with their save modifier
Anti-tank guns waste infantry with no save and hit tanks with their save

This seemed pretty okay, though it made the lascannon a bit too hard
compared to the autocannon.

We tried another fight where we used a -1 penalty to hit when firing
anti-tank weapons at infantry. This turned things more in favour of the
infantry but ghave horrible results when the guys were in cover.
It made those tank bolters a lot better though.

ANyway, we used tank bolters hitting on 5+ with a -1 modifier (They are
heavy bolters after all)

It proved great and I hope that some of you people will try out a similar

BTW we also used a 5 cm. follow up move for models that destroyed their
enemy in close combat. This is a simple yet GREAT rule that vastly increases
realism and the tactical advantage of close assaulting a defending


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