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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 09:16:29 +0100

Thomas Lawson wrote:
> I went
> into the games thinking a Titan could wade across the battlefield in
> relative immunity and act as a schwerpunkt for my attacks.

Eh eh, this was the first lesson I learned after the "vaporization" of
my Phantom titan :o)
No a titan isn't cannon fodder, it's one of the most sophisticated
weapon you have and you must use it carefully, obvously an Orks don't
(just try to figure out a "careful" ork, bah!) for this reason orkish
titans are so strong, every army have it's peculiarity, and you don't
have to look for others advantages, hust use well yours :o)

> I was surprised
> to find out that they were quite fragile and that ironically, the Gargants,
> described as big, lumbering, poorly constructed monstrosities, were much
> more resilient than the cutting edge tech of the Imperial Titans. They could
> easily take more damage and averaged twice the number of guns.

see above...

> The only thing going for the Imperial Titans was occasional template scatter
> that caused a miss and a larger variety of weapons(half of which were
> pointlessly stupid to begin with before the point system.....and now with
> the point system they are still next to useless). The Void Shields,
> well...they never seemed to regenerate until the Titan was half-dead anyway.
> I would have taken Power Fields over Void Shields anyday.

consider these two things, template shape of a gargant si so wide that
you hit 80% of the time and ther is no reliability in power shields or
most of the weapons.
There isn't a "Killing machine" (mayne only some tyrannid titans :PPP)

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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