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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999 15:36:03 +0100

Wilding K wrote:
> > Well I'll never call wrathbone 'weak armour' :o) IMHO it should be
> > better than Imperial Steel :)
> Don't Imperial titans use plasteel or adamantium or summat?
> Nah, I like the fast but fragile feel of eldar.

Ah AH AH, fragile??? maybe a Tempest is fragile?? naaaa Craftworld are
made of the same material that bonesinger use for all the Eldar stuff,
don't call it fragile :)
They are the Most technologically advanced races in the Universe, really
think that such a race would use Adamantium or plasteel? :o)
> > Yah but sexy titans not always give you the victory :o))))
> > Usually I never field titans, too expensive.
> And you an ITALIAN??? I thought looks were everything? Phantoms =
> Ferraris! Fast, powerful (expensive) but hardly bulletproof *grin*

Maybe The others are Gargants bulletproof but bulky and slooooooooow ;)

Well I'm not a Ferrari Fun, Lamborghini rules :o))))))

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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