[NetEpic ML] Barrage flights

From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:35:08 +1100

>Just a quick point - can we introduce something to account for vehicles
>moving while a barrage in is flight? Perhaps have the barrage announced
>at the END of the turn, and landing at the beginning of the following
>turn? The player would write down where the barrage will land (+/-
>scatter) and then the 'victim' gets to move. Might make them less likely
>to go for the old 'first fire' approach.
>Alternatively, perhaps reduce the barrage strength by one 'level' on
>advance orders, or 2 levels for charge to indicate the target is going
>to be a ground zero for a shorter amount of time.

I really don't like any of these suggestions (no offense). A turn in Epic
I've always believed to be about an hour or two in length, more than enough
time for a Barrage to travel from the gun to the target in the scale we are
representing. To add what is suggested adds an extra level of difficulty
(and arguement) in a system we are trying to streamline and improve here.
Perhaps rules like this could be put into the Deluxe version but not in the
basics, please. Lets try and keep it fairly simple.

>Maybe the flight-time of projectiles can be accounted for? Up to half
>max range and they land in the same turn a la normal rules, over this
>and they use one of the sugestions above?
>Feedback welcome, and I didn't propose these ideas JUST coz I like
>eldar! I think it'd make it more fun for the artillery too - guessing
>where that Phantom is going to dodge to next... Besides, forcing them to
>keep moving will reduce the chance of your own troops getting hit.
>K (who's dead excited cos his void stalker arrives today!!!)

His what?


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