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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 20:02:30 -0800

I completely agree with Tzeentch, but also along with Andy, feel a sense
of loss for the fine story behind these wonderfull heros.

With these thoughts in mind, I now ask you to turn your attention to the
plight of the Poor Space Marines. So few units to choose from. Thier
flavor depends on their Chapter. And how many Chapters do we have to
choose from, only four. Part of the fun of Space Marines, should be
creating your own Chapter. Changing things here and there to fit your
personal taste, within limits of course. And of course, every Chapter
needs a good history behind it.

So group, what kind of New Chapters have you created to play, with your
own home rules. What are the Chapter names, and most importantly,
stories. I bet I'm not the only one who would be interested.

Maybe, in the future, they can even be included in Netepic.


> Tzeentch wrote:
> > The heroes in 2nd Edition were WAYYYYYYYYYYY too overbalanced. I should know
> > since I abused the hell out of them.
> >
> > Commissar Yarrick by HIMSELF made the IG an army that was better then
> > Marines. All IG units in LOS automatically passed morale checks. Holy
> > smokes! And he was what, 250 points? AND he could kick major ass in CC and
> > had a great weapon? Come on now, every time I played with IG I used him.
> >
> > All the special characters were terminally screwed for balance and were just
> > a cheap way of linking 40K to Epic (notice the stats for Yarrick and the
> > others came out in the same issues/sections as the 40K models did).
> >
> > No Heroes in Epic!
> I do agree whole heartedly that heroes are way overbalanced as it is. However,
> It does add a special flavor to the game to be able to field a cool special
> unit that SLIGHTLY enhances others. I say tone down the heroes but don't
> totally throw them away. That would be a shame to lose some of the story behind
> the game.
> Andy
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