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> > >A titan going through an enemy company alone and unsupported
> > >SHOULD die. Tactically, it's one of the most idiotic moves anyone
> > >could devise. The fact that the rules allow for such a move to
> > >succeed, and thus make it a viable option, does NOT make for a
> > >better game, IMHO.
> > Maybe it's just me, but I LIKE the fact that Titans are
> > vulnerable. I would say Gargants are too though, rather than warlords
are too
> > fragile.
Princeps Kalbard drove the titan forward, crushing the enemy with balletic
precision. He could feel the rebel infantry dying beneath his mechanical
feet as he brought his titan round for another charge. It was a feeling of

"Moderati. Fire at will. Our weapons will cleanse this world!" Through the
scanning tubes Kalbard could see that the rebel armour was fleeing from his
manic attack. One was slower than the rest. Kalbard took one step forward
and kicked. The Land Raider's hull shattered. Kalbard brought the Titan to a
halt above the vreckage and stamped downwards, twisting the foot as he did
so. The Raider's fuel exploded and a mushroom cloud of black smoke enveloped
the Titan.

The war machine shivered as its systems tried to interpret Kalbard's
righteous enjoyment of victory. Then, its relays clattering the Titan moved
on in search of fresh victims.


I love GW fluff texts.

> I always thought that Titans should be tough enough to make a single,
> successful overrun type attack if properly supported. That would be in
> keeping with armored units.

Then what would be the justification for such a giant investment in
resources? If regular tanks can do everything a titan can? I am not a fan of
superheroes of any kind but I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for giant
war machines. Personally I like the AT era titans which caused a morale
check to infantry. They were not invulnerable but really tough and not tank
and infantry fodder by any means.

"When you ride the titans into battle, the world is at your feet, power is
in your fists and there is steel in your soul. The battle holds no fear, for
the Princeps and the Moderatus have the righteous certainty of victory to
soothe their thoughts."

-Grand Master Erwin Malley, Firebrands Order, Divisio Militaris.

"To be sure, our vehicles are small - smaller than the lightest titans. They
mount only the smaller weapons, and lack the rpotection of even a single
Void Shield. We may be blasted to ash, or crushed underfoot.

But there are many of our small vehicles. There are many of our small
weapons. Even the deadlies Titan will take some time to kill all of us. And
therein lies our virtue, for in that time our little weapons may kill him."

-Lieutenant Comander Handur Morren, Land Raider Squadron, 23rd Fridona
Regiment, Imperial Guard

"MAY" kill. Not "Are sure to kill". Oh well, just my opinion...and I am
quite sure there are as many opinions in here as there are list members.

Jyrki Saari

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