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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 21:41:00 -0600


> > Issue #1
> >
> > Infantry saves
> >
> > A. Leave as is
> > B. Change
> A. No change to infatry except to perhaps make it harder for anit-armour
> weapons to hit them. Infantry are soft. Infantry die in droves. Lets
> them as they are.

Once a consensus is reached we will probably decide on a weapons revision I
think the weapons are the main problem we can fiddle with them and add this
> >
> > Issue #2
> >
> > Titans
> >
> > A. leave as is
> > B. change
> Definately A. They need a change. Either make them tougher once shields
> down or make shields tougher to take out. The better regen is a great
idea as
> is the saves-for-shields idea. Increasing saves on the Titans is O.K. too
> guess.
Once we reach a desicion we can vote pn what type of change we want.

> >
> > Issue #3
> >
> > Close combat
> >
> > A. leave as is
> > B. change
> >
> > My vote is "B", but not as far as the general mechanic with we should
> > but as far as the interaction of infantry with vehicles and titans. I
> > vehicls should have high CAF when they charge and low ones when caught
in a
> > charge, in short words the old AT overun system was simple and easy to
> > As far as with titans I'm not sure but I am disatisfied with the current
> > state of affairs.
> B. I agree with Peter's proposal. Change only the way Tanks fight in
> Hand-to-hand. It could simply be that each vehicle has two CAF values
> (separate with a slash). The first is when they charge, the second when
> get charged. Simple.

Don't worry about ramming, we wont put that in, but vehicles should have
this dual CAF, plus vehcile to vehicle combat can be with the lower CAF (to
represent how hard it is for them to engage at close quarters.
> I also think we need to vote on what to do about the Flyers and their

Good idea:

Issue #4


A. Their own phase
B. Integrated into movement/fire phase

As a side issue if you vote "A" vote again below:

A. Current rules
B. Alternate Incoming! rules
C. All new rules


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