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That sounds good to me as well. But what about units with fixed saves? Do
they not get any advantage from the Medic or a second save?

Perhaps a bonus to their save? IE +1 to Save (if no save they then have a
6+). Multiple medics increase the benefit to a max of perhaps +2?

I don't know, since Medics are special units you never have many of the guys
running around. I know I've never had a game made or break because of them.

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> > Another point well brought up here is the point of Medics and what they
> can
> > do. I personally am an advocate of the Medics NOT providing a 5+
> "recovery
> > save" after the unit is dead. Instead, let them give infantry within
> their
> > range a normal save that is modified as normal. Thus they CAN save
> > infantry taken out by small arms and other light weapons, but hit them
> with
> > a Defense Laser or Plasma Cannon and they are just smoking holes in the
> > ground, Medic or not.
> That would be interesting. Instead of a fixed 5+ a modifiable 5+ for all
> stands within 10cm would be interesting and not so insane.
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