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My take on Medics.

Most large weapons like lasers and such are not actually slicing through
the bodies of soldiers. Yes, a few do get sliced in half, but most of
the men are taken out by the shrapnel. The Medic patches up the men who
have been hit by the shrapnel. He gives them the drugs they need to
fight on for the rest of the battle. He does not bring the dead back to

Although he is powerfull in the right situation, most other Specials are
a better buy, like Titans! I think the medic is fine.


> That sounds good to me as well. But what about units with fixed saves? Do
> they not get any advantage from the Medic or a second save?
> Perhaps a bonus to their save? IE +1 to Save (if no save they then have a
> 6+). Multiple medics increase the benefit to a max of perhaps +2?
> I don't know, since Medics are special units you never have many of the guys
> running around. I know I've never had a game made or break because of them.
> Ken
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> > > Another point well brought up here is the point of Medics and what they
> > can
> > > do. I personally am an advocate of the Medics NOT providing a 5+
> > "recovery
> > > save" after the unit is dead. Instead, let them give infantry within
> > their
> > > range a normal save that is modified as normal. Thus they CAN save
> > > infantry taken out by small arms and other light weapons, but hit them
> > with
> > > a Defense Laser or Plasma Cannon and they are just smoking holes in the
> > > ground, Medic or not.
> >
> > That would be interesting. Instead of a fixed 5+ a modifiable 5+ for all
> > stands within 10cm would be interesting and not so insane.
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