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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 22:53:09 -0800

From: Kelvin <kx.henderson_at_...>
> >That sounds good to me as well. But what about units with fixed saves? Do
> >they not get any advantage from the Medic or a second save?
> Units with fixed saves could simply get a bonus to the fixed save.
> (Termies always save on a 5+ instead of just a 6+ for example.)

Sounds fine.

> >Perhaps a bonus to their save? IE +1 to Save (if no save they then have a
> >6+). Multiple medics increase the benefit to a max of perhaps +2?
> NO! Multiple Medics should have no additional effect. This makes for a
> system open to far too much abuse, even if you limit the increased
<snip humorous example>
Ok I see your point. But I'd rather have ONE rule and as little exceptions
as possible. If the Medics gave a +1 (max bonus of +2) they would at BEST be
able to be as good as they are now (and then only if they had two medics
within 10cm).

Even stacked edge to edge with medics carefully space along the line or
having them in one big blob you would be screwed using just a save bonus.
After all since it would now be modified the blob O' Marines and Medics
tactic will just get you a shitload of dead Marines.

If we just give them a bonus to save like +1 then they will not be as
valuable. So I feel better about it I could buy into a +2 bonus.

Hmm, but then again if use the new modified infantry saves that double for
AV fire (I'd like to see the same values they have in 40K actually) the
bonus should be limited to +1 since thats a damn sight better when you
double the save. IE Power armor in 40K saves on 3+ IIRC which would be a 6
against an AT weapon with no save modifier (gee happens to match what we
have now, what a coinkidink), but with the medic around the save would be
2+(4+ doubled). That's VERY good and now the stand could possibly survive
getting roasted with a -2 TSM weapon.

So +2 if we don't use my doubling armor save idea and +1 if we do. Sound

As for NetEpic 3.0 update I say we modify the Medics save modifier replaces
the units own save if it's better and _is_ modified (sorry, hard to heal
guys that just got melted together with a volcano cannon).

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