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Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:14:21 -0800

Well, I love D6s as much as the next guy. But why not move to either a 2D6
based system or a D10 based on for the next version? It would help spread
out the curve of dice rolls.

Or alternately we could introduce Scaling. Yes that's right. Infantry would
use 1D6, Light Vehicles 2D6, Heavy Vehicles 4D6 and Titans 5D6+.

This works pretty simply when you think about it. Saves are done with as
many dice as you get for your scale. Since weapons in 40K obviously would be
scaled to attack other objects of the same scale (sorry folks a volcano
cannon is NOT designed as an anti-infantry weapon) this works fine. But when
rolling to HIT you roll as many dice as the scale of the object you are
shooting at.

SIMPLE! That way we have ONE stat line just like always but it automatically
solves both the problem of infantry taking out titans and titan scale
weapons being great anti-infanty weapons.

IE Infantry stand A could have a stat line of like Save 3+, Bolters 50cm, 5+
to hit, -1 TSM. Simple neh? Well against infanty they roll 1D6 (its another
infantry scale) and they roll a 6 lets say (they hit!). Well since the
target was an infantry scale as well they only roll a D6 themselves at a -1
TSM. So they need to roll a 4+ to save.

If that same infantry unit fired at a Rhino (light vehicle) they would roll
2D6 to hit (its a bigger target and you have a 5 guts shooting - someones
going to hit). But the Rhino (lets say) has a save of 4+. But he gets 2D6 to
save. The -1 TSM still applies (though obviously its not a big deal at this

Against a Warhound (5D scale lets say) the infantry are almost GUARANTEED a
hit (come on now the thing is as big as a large building). But the Titan
gets 5 dice to save vs the hit. And titans will have saves of like 1+ to 2+.
Good luck!

But if that same Warhound fired on the infantry he would only roll a D6 to
hit. And Titan weapons would have really high to-hit scores (they are built
vs other Titans). Titan vs Titan everythings balanced because the high
to-hits are balanced by the amount of dice they use. But against infantry
that are damned hard to hit, it works against them.

Weapons could be given specific scales a la Star Wars. Infantry etc etc. And
that determines the scale they are built to fire at.

For cover modifiers we simply adjust the scale up or down depending on the
cover. IE a light vehicle in light cover could scale down to an infantry
target for to-hit purposes.

What do you all think? It would seem to cover about everything with minimum
of hassle. Titans fight Titans, vehicles fight vehicles and infantry fight
for their lives. Anyone could TECHNICALLY damage another scale, but it would
be hard.

For "realism" this works. Imagine an M1A2 tank. The 120mm cannon is heavy
vehicle scale. Its DAMN HARD to hit infantry with it or do much damage to a
unit of them with it. The commanders machinegun is infantry scale. It can
chop up infantry but it sucks vs other vehicles and is ineffective against
anything heavier then a light APC.

All with one statline.

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