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If the infantry save vote goes as the trend indicates, changes in weapon
stats will be the next step. Here are some idle thoughts regarding that
1. weapons with modifiers (anti-tank), should have a reduced hit probability
versus infantry, due to size and nimbleness. If hit however they should be
toast. Only units with super heavy armor (termies) will get a save.
JS: I don't think it is that simple. There has been discussion how hard it
is to hit infantry with a 120mm cannon. Sure, if you use APFSDS it IS hard
but who is stupid enough to do that? A HE round from a 120mm is another
thing. Lascannon would probably have a hard time hitting infantry but a
volcano cannon (defence laser) wouldn't. In AT/SM1 it used a template. So I
don't think a save modifier is a good measure of accuracy.
2. Small weapons should have higher to hit values. their use is very
limited, bolters and such may be a 5+ to hit but heavy bolters should be
more accurate (4+)
JS: Yep. Heavy bolters are like machine guns after all.
These changes should be simple, but will add a lot of tactics. Tanks will be
used as such and infantry will tend to target infantry units, but be
occasional able to shot down a tank. By far close assault will be the most
effect method to take out tanks by infantry.
Any other ideas?

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