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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 12:13:27 +0200


Close combat
A. leave as is
B. change
My vote is "B", but not as far as the general mechanic with we should keep,
but as far as the interaction of infantry with vehicles and titans. I think
vehicls should have high CAF when they charge and low ones when caught in a
charge, in short words the old AT overun system was simple and easy to
adapt. As far as with titans I'm not sure but I am disatisfied with the
current state of affairs.
I forgot one thing from my previous post. I don't think infantry should be
able to stop a tank from moving. How would they do that? Fasten a big anchor
to its behind? :)
These are but a few to get the ball rolling, please submit more issues if
necessary and comment on the ones listed.
Jyrki Saari

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