[NetEpic ML] Defense Lasers and Tank Guns

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> JS: I don't think it is that simple. There has been discussion how hard it
> is to hit infantry with a 120mm cannon. Sure, if you use APFSDS it IS hard
> but who is stupid enough to do that? A HE round from a 120mm is another
> thing. Lascannon would probably have a hard time hitting infantry but a
> volcano cannon (defence laser) wouldn't. In AT/SM1 it used a template. So
> don't think a save modifier is a good measure of accuracy.

Umm, huh. HE? What? Beehive flechette rounds maybe. But tank guns are not
designed to be used against infantry. The tracking systems in tanks are not
designed to be used against infantry and neither is the ammunition. If the
infantry is spread out you would be pretty lucky to take out a significant
part of the squad (the stand) with conventional tank rounds. That's why you
always pair tanks with infantry. Lone tanks=dead tanks.

I don't remember defense lasers leaving a crater normally. You must be
thinking of the OPTIONAL rule where you could make craters with them
(covered in one of the WD articles).

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