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> I forgot one thing from my previous post. I don't think infantry should be
> able to stop a tank from moving. How would they do that? Fasten a big
> to its behind? :)

The reason a tank doesn't go into the middle of an infantry squad is because
this would be suicide for the tank. If you race into an infantry squad they
will destroy your precious tank with Anti-Tank Mines, Bazookas, Sticky
Mines, Panzerschreeks, PanzerFausts, Satchel Charges, Grenades dropped down
a hatch, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun fired into a vision slit, etc. Heck,
Japanese infantry used to stop U.S. tanks by jamming a crowbar into the
tank's tracks, then setting the tank on fire with gasoline. Tanks and
infantry do not mix when they both are not wearing the same colors.

If an infantry squad is holding a piece of terrain, you need to remove them
with shooting, artillery, or infantry attacks. Driving a tank right into
their positions is a really bad idea. If a tank finds itself all alone and
unsupported, it really must try to find a way go around the enemy infantry,
not just barrel right through them.

Only those tanks specifically designed to 'over-run' infantry should be
allowed to do so. In Epic Space Marines, there were a couple of tanks that
had this capability (the ones with be rollers on the front). Most tanks are
designed to contact enemy infantry from a distance (HE main gun shells and
machine gun fire.

The Tank may the King of the battlefield, but even the King must answer to
the Queen at times.

Brian A. Evans
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