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The only 'real world' Main Tank Gun I can think of that did not have a High
Explosive (HE) Shell designed for it is: the British 2lbs. Gun. The HE
shell is a fragmentary round that is used against infantry. It is made to
explode upon impact and throw shell fragments in a wide area, just like HE
Contact Artillery shells. All you have to do is get close and you have a
chance of causing casualties. It has almost zero armor penetration
capabilities, though.

I am trying to find out what the SOP is, between HE rounds and Armor
Penetrating (AP) rounds. My gut tells me that if mainly infantry are
expected you would use 60% / 40%, HE to AP. If tanks were expected in
numbers, the ratio would probably be 40% / 60%, HE to AP. I will try to
find out what the SOP on this is and report back.

Can anyone else think of a real world main tank gun that did not use HE

Brian A. Evans

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> > JS: I don't think it is that simple. There has been discussion how hard
> > is to hit infantry with a 120mm cannon. Sure, if you use APFSDS it IS
> > but who is stupid enough to do that? A HE round from a 120mm is another
> > thing. Lascannon would probably have a hard time hitting infantry but a
> > volcano cannon (defence laser) wouldn't. In AT/SM1 it used a template.
> I
> > don't think a save modifier is a good measure of accuracy.
> Umm, huh. HE? What? Beehive flechette rounds maybe. But tank guns are not
> designed to be used against infantry. The tracking systems in tanks are
> designed to be used against infantry and neither is the ammunition. If the
> infantry is spread out you would be pretty lucky to take out a significant
> part of the squad (the stand) with conventional tank rounds. That's why
> always pair tanks with infantry. Lone tanks=dead tanks.
> I don't remember defense lasers leaving a crater normally. You must be
> thinking of the OPTIONAL rule where you could make craters with them
> (covered in one of the WD articles).
> Ken
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