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Frag Missiles have Str 3 and AP 6 I belive. So every Marine under the
template has 2/6 x 2/6 of being killed. That's a mere 11% chance of being
put out of action. For an Imperial Guardsmen the chances are 4/6 x 4/6
which is still only a 44% chance of being incapacitated. You better hit
more than one trooper if you are using Frag Missiles. :-)

Is the Frag Missile closer to a real world Grenade Launcher or to a HE
cannon round?

Brian A. Evans

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> >Yes IF you use APFSDS or something like it. But HE is a different matter.
> dont overestimate HE rounds.....the majority of damage these things do
> against infantry is fragmentation and this will have little effect against
> armoured infantry. Even 20th century flak jackets do a good job (Though
> trooper is still in bad luck if one of these things blows up close) power
> armour would surely defeat the effects of fragmentation. The explosive
> dissiates quickly with range.
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