[NetEpic ML] Vehicle Close Combat

From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 20:05:04 -0500

I have never viewed Epic scale close combat to be exclusively Hand-to-Hand
combat. Since there is no fire fight phase in Epic, I always assumed that
this was generalized into the close combat phase. Here is what I think
occurs in Epic Close Combat for Infantry; close range small arms fire
(pistols and
assault rifles), hand thrown grenades, punching, kicking, wrestling,
knifing, clubbing, yelling, screaming, etc.

In relation to vehicles, Epic Close Combat probably involves; maneuvering
to take advantage of side and rear shots (Sherman tank shooting a Tiger in
the rear), ramming, over running (Tank runs over a jeep or Anti-Tank Gun),
taking those last few desperate shots at the enemy as he closes with you.
Most of a vehicles' effects in close combat will be as a direct result of
its weapons, though.

In many cases, the only time that an inferior tank can damage a more
powerful one is at obscenely close ranges.

Brian A. Evans
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