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From: <jyrki.saari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 12:33:36 +0200

> by pelting it with krak grenades and bolter fire.
> When tanks are under small arms fire they will seal off
> vision slits to
> avoid stray shots going in and killing everyone.

So they button up. How does that stop the tank from moving? If I was the
driver of a tank that is pelted with grenades I would hit the gas and get
out of there. In ASL, for example, infantry can not stop an AFV from moving
and that's the realistic way of doing it. If the infantry do not manage to
actually destroy or immobilize the tank they surely can not stop it from

>Check out
> Saving private
> Ryan for a SMG armed guy knocking out a tank in this fashion.
> (He is a lot
> closer though)

I have seen that movie. But buttoning up has nothing to do with my main
argument. Tank crews ARE trained to drive when buttoned up.

Jyrki Saari
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