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From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:25:36 -0500

Are you suggesting that in NetEpic, when a tank tries to overrun an infantry

They fight an immediate round of close combat, in the movement phase?
The infantry get to shoot the tank, in the movement phase, before the tank
is allowed to move past them?

Let's get real, if you drive your tank right into the middle of my infantry
squad, the tank will die. I don't care if you have your vision slits closed
down and your hatches closed, my bazooka does not need to hit an open vision
slit in order to destroy the tank.

Brian A. Evans

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> If the infantry do not manage to
> actually destroy or immobilize the tank they surely can not stop it from
> moving.
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