[NetEpic ML] Selling/Trading away Orks

From: <ImDaCow_at_...>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 09:44:35 EST

I have lots of orks -- all the ones that came in the newest box. They are
still in the sprues, too. I would LOVE to get rid of them! I will trade for
unpainted or primed IG stuff, or if you would like to buy them make me an

They are three Ork Mob Sprues, which I have listed what models there are for
convieniance. I also have 9 Battlewagons.

3 Stompers
9 Warbikes
45 Gretchin
33 Nobz
15 Shooty Boyz
15 Stormboyz
3 Shokk Attack Guns
15 Kommandos
84 Boyz
3 Warbosses
3 Battle Standards
3 Mekaniak
3 Painboys
3 Weirdboys
3 Runtherds

NOTE: This is the actual number of MODELS not the number of stands.


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