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Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:49:54 +0100

Hi Kevin,

> This is once again something that is assumed from SM/TL by we veterans and
> that was probably missed from the actual rules. The Banelord is a stock
> standard design with fixed weapons.

I played SM/TL for long time and I knew that the "old" banelord as appared
in the white dwarf had these weapons configuration (also the gargants had
with titan legion a fixed configuration), but when I read the netepic chaos
list I saw that it was present only with the hull cost, as the other titan,
and I thought that you changed the past fixed configuration for a more
flexible one (a good decision I thought for game balance); infact reading
the list the titans with fixed weaponery are specified, so one can easy
immagine that the banelord belong to the other gender, also reading this
list I see that the same think happen with the lord of battle, also in this
case only the hull is shown so one can think that it also can be assembled.
I hope that the first think to do in the future should be to correct the
bugs in the lists because without this someone can play an army uncorrectly.

> >If yes I don't see the real value of it because with the same cost
> >(somethink less) I can buy an imperial titan with much better weaponery,
> >in any case what are the weapon for the banelord?
> The weapons are the Havok Missile Rack that takes up both of the carapace
> mounts (its sort of like the Barrage missile, but you always get 6
> missiles), the Hell Cannon thing (that fired a barrage template that was
> reasonably nasty), the Doom fist (which was a combination of a Chain Fist,
> Power Fist and a Melta Cannon), the Head Cannon and the Tail Cannon. All
> the weapons had a range of 50cm I think (the missiles MAY have had a range
> of 75cm, but were one shots). These were the fixed weapons of the
> Banelord. They could be armed with nothing else.

Really I don't see how this configuration can give a real advantage to field
it, with a move rate of 15 cm. in a three turn game it can do nothing, else
give xx victory points to my opponent! The real problem, emphasized in the
past posting was that warlord class titan are too expensive, specially when
for 200 pts less you can buy a reaver titan. Immagine that, in my game that
belong to a campaign with four players, I fought a battle with two banelord
with this configuration (wrong): plasma cannon, fire control center and
energy whip, total cost 750 pts. x 2 = 1500 pts.; now with the same cost I
can buy three reavers with the same configuration. Do you really think that
the two "wrong" banelords are better?! The first one exploded during the
first turn and the last spent the rest of the game hiding.....I faced 3
tempest and three prism cannons costing 650 pts!! I coulnd't fire back
because they are making pop up and I was restricted to advance/charge order!

> >In my recent game I used a banelord armed with a plasma cannon against an
> >eldar army, because it can't stay in first fire it was destroyed with
> >by some tempest (6), if I used a reaver titan with the same weapon i
> >stay on first fire, shoot back and stay alive one more turn because it
> >doesn't have a 2+ reactor in the front!
> True. But the Banelord has the Daemon Engine of Khorne bonuses if Chaos
> curerntly winning in the game making it a monster on Close Combat and a
> little faster. That was what you paid for (oh and a nice miniature too

As chaos is a second turn army I really don't see this an advantage because
usually my opponents take an edge in victory points in the first turn and I
really don't belive that a warlord/banelord class can survive for three turn
with his achilles heel's in the reactor hoping to have a demonic engine
 The miniature is very nice but only for collection pourpose!

Stefano Andreoni
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