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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 10:08:24 -0800

How about letting them use some of the Chaos Reward Cards? But, they
have to make a die roll for each card they use, because of the massive
transformation. On a one, they degenerate into useless Chaos Spawn.

Seems like Chaos to me.


Thomas Lawson wrote:
> > at page 21 in the chaos list is stated: chaos titan may also use weapons
> > from the imperial list (with the exception the devotion bell).
> You know, they shouldn't have a Vortex Missile, Warp Missile or Plasma
> Destructor. They should have run out of those one-shot weapons ages ago and
> Plasma Destructors sound like the latest weapon out of the Imperium. As it
> is, Chaos Titans have more weapon selections that Imperial Titans and that
> seems odd. Place those weapons off-limits to Chaos, then make a specific
> chart of weapon options for Chaos Titans, such as Nurgle Heads that vomit,
> Tzeentch heads that shoot lightning, Slaanesh heads that act like a single
> Titan Whip or something.....etc etc.
> I was thinking of something interesting earlier. How about making it the
> standard part of the rules to be able to purchase a single Titan ability? TL
> made it too cheezy by allowing you to buy more than 1 at a time and make an
> uber-Titan. Allowing you to buy just one would add more variety to the game
> since the Campaign Titan Experience is never used anyway....yet there are
> all those cool options to play around with.
> The Chaos chart would be missing some of the Imperial options such as
> Ejector systems, Heavy Shielding, Damage Control and Turbo Weapons. Then
> give them Chaos Specific options such as a Khorne Triple move charge, a
> Tzeentch fortune bonus, a Nurgle toughness whichs adds one to the armor on
> all spots, a Slaanesh psychic cacophony and then a few others maybe. To me,
> the Chaos and Imperial titans should be very different, yet they seem to
> similar in the game.
> Oh, and Praetorians should get experience abilities as well.
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