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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 09:04:12 +1100

>You know, they shouldn't have a Vortex Missile, Warp Missile or Plasma
>Destructor. They should have run out of those one-shot weapons ages ago and
>Plasma Destructors sound like the latest weapon out of the Imperium. As it
>is, Chaos Titans have more weapon selections that Imperial Titans and that
>seems odd. Place those weapons off-limits to Chaos, then make a specific
>chart of weapon options for Chaos Titans, such as Nurgle Heads that vomit,
>Tzeentch heads that shoot lightning, Slaanesh heads that act like a single
>Titan Whip or something.....etc etc.

Perhaps the Plasma Destructor should be left out, but the One Shot missiles
like Vortex and such should still be left in. Sure, its been 10,000 years
since the Heresy, but that doesn't mean the Chaos Titans have run out of
One Shot missiles. Firstly, time doesn't pass the same way in the Eye of
Terror as it does in real space, so for many of the Titans and their crews,
the Horus Heresy happened yesterday. Secondly, there ARE technicians
within the Eye that do maintian and manufacture weapons for the Hoardes of
Chaos, such as the Chaos Squats so they would probably be manufacturing
extra missiles. And thirdly, I don't want to have to convert my Nurgle
Titan AGAIN (I like to play WYSIWYG).

As far as the One Shot Missiles go, I'd really, really like to see a limit
placed on them. I think tehre should be no more than one per Titan. They
are supposed to be rare (especially the Vortex) and from a Tactical point
of view, I don't see a Titan Crew arming themselves with one shot weapons
all over and turning themselves into One Shot wonders. One maximum per
Titan I think is the way to go.

>I was thinking of something interesting earlier. How about making it the
>standard part of the rules to be able to purchase a single Titan ability? TL
>made it too cheezy by allowing you to buy more than 1 at a time and make an
>uber-Titan. Allowing you to buy just one would add more variety to the game
>since the Campaign Titan Experience is never used anyway....yet there are
>all those cool options to play around with.

Sounds fine to me.

>The Chaos chart would be missing some of the Imperial options such as
>Ejector systems, Heavy Shielding, Damage Control and Turbo Weapons. Then
>give them Chaos Specific options such as a Khorne Triple move charge, a
>Tzeentch fortune bonus, a Nurgle toughness whichs adds one to the armor on
>all spots, a Slaanesh psychic cacophony and then a few others maybe. To me,
>the Chaos and Imperial titans should be very different, yet they seem to
>similar in the game.


>Oh, and Praetorians should get experience abilities as well.



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