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From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 01:42:31 -0500

> The point here is NOT to drive through some prepared positions but of the
> infantry charging the tank, not killing or immobilizing it but preventing
> from moving in the movement phase just by their imposing presence :). The
> tank crewmen KNOW about those unpleasantries infantry have for them at
> range, so ANY sensible driver caught in the middle of an infantry swarm
> would probably hit the gas and get as far as possible rather than sitting
> idle and waiting for those infantry weapons to do their job. I think that
> the infantry did not manage to kill the tank in the CC phase then all
> niceties mentioned above either had no effect or the infantry had no
> to use them. Do you see my point?

I think that the problem here is with the limitations of phased movement.
If movement was simultaneous, your tank crew might see my infantry charge,
and leave the area. Since one side moves and then the other, we have to
resolve what happens when a unit contacts another that has not moved yet.
Since the infantry have moved first, and contacted the tank, this must
represent that sometime during the turn, the infantry were close enough to
use their anti-tank weapons (melta gun/bomb). That is why the tank is not
allowed to move away, not that the infantry are actually holding down the
tank, but since the infantry did indeed get into range to use their
anti-tank weapons, the tank must see if it survives the encounter with the
infantry. The tank must now wait until the close combat phase to see if it
can eliminate the infantry. Until it clears the area of infantry, it will
always be vulnerable to those anti-tank weapons the infantry carry. Keep
fighting close combat until the tank wins or the infantry do.

NetEpic's alternating movement somewhat eleviates this problem. If you
really, really don't want those tanks in Close Combat, move them away from
the threat at the earliest chance you get in the movement phase.

Brian A. Evans
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