[NetEpic ML] Re: Let the Revision begin!!

From: <jyrki.saari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 11:56:03 +0200

> I think that the problem here is with the limitations of
> phased movement.
> If movement was simultaneous, your tank crew might see my
> infantry charge,
> and leave the area. Since one side moves and then the other,
> we have to
> resolve what happens when a unit contacts another that has
> not moved yet.
> Since the infantry have moved first, and contacted the tank, this must
> represent that sometime during the turn, the infantry were
> close enough to
> use their anti-tank weapons (melta gun/bomb). That is why
> the tank is not
> allowed to move away, not that the infantry are actually
> holding down the
> tank, but since the infantry did indeed get into range to use their
> anti-tank weapons, the tank must see if it survives the
> encounter with the
> infantry. The tank must now wait until the close combat
> phase to see if it
> can eliminate the infantry. Until it clears the area of
> infantry, it will
> always be vulnerable to those anti-tank weapons the infantry
> carry.

All the more reason for the tank to try and get out of the range of those
infantry weapons. Note that I am NOT proposing that the tank should be able
to move away before CC but, assuming it survives, in the NEXT movement
phase. Repeat: NEXT movement phase. This may not have been clear in my
previous messages due to my limited skill in expressing myself in a foreign
language. In the current rules the tank is forced to stand still until it is
either destroyed all infantry (unlikely) or is reduced to slag.

So my proposal is:
1) Give the attacking force a chance to kill the tank (fight a CC).
2) Assuming that the unlikely event of the tank surviving a round of CC
happened let the tank move away in the NEXT movement phase.

Any questions?

Jyrki Saari

> fighting close combat until the tank wins or the infantry do.
> NetEpic's alternating movement somewhat eleviates this
> problem. If you
> really, really don't want those tanks in Close Combat, move
> them away from
> the threat at the earliest chance you get in the movement phase.
> Brian A. Evans
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