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From: Brian Evans <brian.a.evans_at_...>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 16:29:32 -0500

> All the more reason for the tank to try and get out of the range of those
> infantry weapons. Note that I am NOT proposing that the tank should be
> to move away before CC but, assuming it survives, in the NEXT movement
> phase. Repeat: NEXT movement phase. This may not have been clear in my
> previous messages due to my limited skill in expressing myself in a
> language. In the current rules the tank is forced to stand still until it
> either destroyed all infantry (unlikely) or is reduced to slag.
> So my proposal is:
> 1) Give the attacking force a chance to kill the tank (fight a CC).
> 2) Assuming that the unlikely event of the tank surviving a round of CC
> happened let the tank move away in the NEXT movement phase.
> Any questions?
> Jyrki Saari

I have some. Let me get this straight. Close combat is over and we are in
the next TURN of the game. Since movement, shooting, and close combat are
replenished in the end phase, the infantry would have their full ability to
move, shoot, and close combat. How would you resolve these problems?

1. The tanks have turned tail and fled. The infantry should get free hits
on the tanks. Every close combat system that I can think of allows free
hits on an enemy that flees from close combat. Remember, we fought close
combat last turn. You have not fought close combat this turn, but you want
to use your movement this turn.

2. Infantry are pinned by tanks, they don't really get any orders. Units
without orders can not move and only fire in the advance phase. You have
basically made this unit useless this turn. The tanks move away and the
infantry just sit there looking stupid.

3. If you allow the infantry to get orders even though they are pinned in
close combat, do they get to shoot while they are pinned?

4. If you allow the infantry to get orders when they are pinned in close
combat, can the infantry move away from the tanks?

5. If you allow the infantry to get orders when they are pinned in close
combat, can they move away from the tanks and charge another unit that is
within charge range?

6. If the side with the infantry goes first, the infantry are pinned by the
tanks and would not be allowed to move due to the pinning rule. The side
with the tanks would then be free to move away from the infantry. The
infantry are now stuck, they are not in close combat anymore, but did not
get a chance to move because they were pinned. In this instance, the
infantry have no chance to do anything, they can't move or charge and they
won't get the protection of close combat. The worst of all worlds.

7. Since by your rules, tanks are not pinned by infantry anymore, tanks can
drive right though infantry units. I think I will have my Rhinos drive
right through your infantry and the infantry inside the Rhinos will charge
any artillery that is behind the screening infantry.

I am seeing many instances where the infantry will have no chance to
accomplish anything this turn. The tanks move away, and the infantry are
stuck, without orders, without movement, without protection. I just don't
see how this would work out very well. I have provided you with some
situations that might give gamers trouble if they used your rule. Could you
please provide me with the solutions to them?
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