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From: Andy Michaud <amichaud_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 11:23:39 +0000

Ok I am totaly lost as to what rules for pinning are being discussed.
Would It be possible to see all the idea's in one place? or in some kind of
format...I'm clueless. :) It might help to sort it out.

As far as I am concerned I really liked Warprat's last post, It seemed
simple enough while covering all (that I can see off the top of my head)
the areas.

Warprat wrote:

> I wrote some of this, a little while back. But I think it would be a
> better system for classing units for PINNING. Mostly based on size and
> skimmers, as are the current rules, but also considering armor values.
> How about this?
> Infantry should have no problem pinning soft vehicles/infantry like
> Buggies, bikes, Rough Riders, light artillery, Wartraks, Sentinels (the
> driver is exposed), Marines, Nobz, Warwalkers, Trolls, Pink Horrors,
> Genestealers, Ogryns, Termagants, Close Assault Terminators etc...
> (Units with a saving throw of 6 or less, or no ranged attack).
> Regular Terminators (desribed as having tank armor), and other infantry
> type units, like Dreadnoughts, Darkreapers, Exarchs, Zoats, should be
> included in the armored vehicles section, as these units are too tough
> for even tanks to move past. (Units with armor saving throws of 5+, and
> a ranged attack). This would also help to make these units Great again.
> Please don't get me wrong, I think infantry are GREAT tank busters when
> they can ambush vehicles, or when tanks engage them. I just don't think
> they should be able to pin a tank, or a terminator.
> 1. Titans/Praetorians.
> 2. Super Heavy Vehicles/Knights
> 3. Heavy armored units. (Armor save of 5+ and ranged attack)
> 4. Unarmored or lightly armored units/no ranged attack.
> 5. Skimmers: A) Super Heavy.
> B) Heavy Armor.
> C) Light Armor.
> Some Examples:
> 1) A Lightly Armored Skimmer (like an Elder Jetbike), could not PIN a
> Heavy Armored Unit (like a Leman Russ Tank). Nor would the Leman Russ
> Tank be able to PIN an Eldar Jet Bike, because the bike is a Skimmer.
> 2) A Heavily Armored Unit that is a Skimmer, such as a Falcon Grav-Tank,
> could PIN any other Heavily Arrmored Unit, like a Leman Russ Tank. The
> Leman Russ is unable to PIN the Falcon Grav-Tank, because it is a
> Skimmer.
> 3) A Basilisk is attacked by Assualt Marines. It is not PINNED, if it
> still has orders to move, it can move away. If it has orders to First
> Fire, or has already moved, it may be engaged by the Assault Marines in
> Close Combat.
> Note: Using the above changes would NOT affect the classic Marine
> combined arms approach to pinning.
> 1) Rhino pins enemy tank.
> 2) Infantry attack tank.
> 3) Rhino is destroyed.
> 4) Enemy tank is destroyed.
> 5) Infantry survive.
> Lightly armored units can still engage the Heavies, without Heavy
> Armored help, by moving second, (the ambush). With the Phased Movement
> system this is not a big problem, usually.
> I know that this would have a big affect on Chaos units like Trolls and
> Minataurs etc.. but I really can't see how these units could even
> possibly pin a heavily armored unit. I CAN see them ambushing one, and
> beating the HELL out of it, however.
> I hope this also helps to address the Cavalry question, as well as
> others. I've read in other game systems, that mounted units like Rough
> Riders and Boar Boyz, are just considered fast infantry. These units
> can enter woods at full speed, unlike bikes (Advance Orders only), which
> don't have a semi-intelligent animal to pick where to place each foot.
> Eldar Jet bikes could choose to Charge over the woods, or Advance
> through them.
> Dreadnoughts and Robots, should be able to move through woods, as normal
> infantry (Able to Charge and Advance). They move fairly slow, and have
> sensors built into thier limbs. Small Robots should be able to enter
> buildings.
> War Walkers and Sentinals seem more like bikes in woods, but infantry in
> difficult terrain (Because of increased visability out of woods, and
> legs). IE: Advance movement for woods, any movement for difficult.
> Let me know what you think!
> Warprat ;)
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