[NetEpic ML] Advances after close combat

From: E. Carrington <carrington_emman_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 17:28:14 -0800

We've all seen it, after some small amount of effort you get some of
your elite (or at least good) assault troops into close combat and
eliminate almost all of your enemies in some sort of
massacre/bloodbath. However, a couple of your enemies refuse to die and
stand there ground defiantly while all of their buddies are mown down
or slain (your buddies are screaming in pain while enemy close combat
troops wipe them out and you don't even react?!). Your assault has
failed. You may have destroyed large amounts of the enemy but still
they hang on. Every single time. Is there something wrong with this

Why not have detachments involved in close combat who lose by a fair
degree (some kind of tireless table would tell you the odds I suppose)
take a morale check with some kind of modifier to the morale level.
This could also be applied to units that win close combats (they
re-evaluate their situation and decide to be a little more prudent).

Something like this:
    Units that lose close combat
    -1 lost close combat
    -1 outnumbered
    -1 outnumbered 2-1
    -1 outnumbered 3-1
    -1 opponents cause morale checks when charging
    -1 lost fully half of detachment/models during close combat

    Units that win close combat
    +1 eliminate half of enemy
    +1 seized objective
    -1 outnumbered to any degree (you've just shoved your enemy around
and beaten more enemies into the ground, you don't care how many there
are, just bring 'em on!)

Units whihc fail their morale check should fall back 10cm, but are not
considered broken by this retreat. However all other morale checks
(lost half of detachment/company) do apply.
    E.G. Chaos Space Marines (5 stands) lays into some helpless
Guardians (5 stands) and eliminates 3 stands, loses 1 and draws with
the last stand. The Guardians have lost and are outnumbered by the
Chaos Marines. They've lost the combat (-1 modifier) and are
outnumbered (-1 modifier). They take a morale check at -2. They roll a
3 and retreat back 10cm.

Well that's it.
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