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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 12:06:34 +0100

jyrki.saari_at_... wrote:
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> > And a Tank can pin a Tank?
> No. I have sent mail about this before. How would two tanks fight it out? By
> strapping hatchets on gun barrels and rotating the turret very fast.
> However, this was about infantry vs tanks.

So who pin who????
> and why a bulky marine should pin my
> > harlequins? (tze!)
> They can't at least in original (RT) 40k rules. Harlequins could move past
> enemy troops without getting pinned. However, usually they coose to enter CC
> because most other troops are mincemeat after being in CC with Harlequins.

ok that was only an example, just try to figure out all the exception
..., playng tons of game with the 2nd edition and I've not see nothing
wrong in infantry/veichle pinning rules

> > I think we don't need so many rules, only something to play a
> > nice game,
> > don't start mumbling what's real or not
> I already did.

well just remember: this is a game and the 41th millenium it's so far
away :o)
ever seen an ork lurking your city?? ;)

> , just try to define some rules
> > that describe at a reasonable level of abstraction what can happen in
> > the battlefield.
> Like a tank stopping in the middle of infantry to be barbequed?

who's the complete idiot that move a tank in the middle of infantry
Anyway evean a little (big) chinese can stop a Tank, why an aspect
warrior couldn't???

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