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From: Francois Bruntz <fbruntz_at_...>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2000 00:53:37 PST


Tu as �crit :


>Something like this:
> Units that lose close combat
> -1 lost close combat
> -1 outnumbered
> -1 outnumbered 2-1
> -1 outnumbered 3-1
> -1 opponents cause morale checks when charging
> -1 lost fully half of detachment/models during close combat
> Units that win close combat
> +1 eliminate half of enemy
> +1 seized objective
> -1 outnumbered to any degree (you've just shoved your enemy around
>and beaten more enemies into the ground, you don't care how many there
>are, just bring 'em on!)
>Units whihc fail their morale check should fall back 10cm, but are not
>considered broken by this retreat. However all other morale checks
>(lost half of detachment/company) do apply.
> E.G. Chaos Space Marines (5 stands) lays into some helpless
>Guardians (5 stands) and eliminates 3 stands, loses 1 and draws with
>the last stand. The Guardians have lost and are outnumbered by the
>Chaos Marines. They've lost the combat (-1 modifier) and are
>outnumbered (-1 modifier). They take a morale check at -2. They roll a
>3 and retreat back 10cm.

These rules are very interesting but there are some points which are not
very clear for me.
In your example, the Eldars have a morale check at -2 : -1 because they are
outnumbered (2 guardians stands vs 4 Chaos Space Marines ones) and -1
because they have lost the close combat. How can you tell they lost the
fight, I mean that if in your example it is very clear in some other cases
it will not. For example : 5 assault marines fight 4 scorpions, 3 marines
stands are defeated and 2 scorpions stands are destroyed, who has won the
fight? Marines because they managed to kill two scorpions stands (scorpions
are very good close assault warriors) or scorpions because they've killed
more stands than marines?

Second question : why do you give moral boni for the winner of the close
combat as it will not have to make a moral check?

Francois Bruntz


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