[NetEpic ML] Psyker System for consideration

From: Kenneth <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 00:26:18 -0800

I was commenting on the Tactical Strike group when I got an idea on how to
do psykers in Epic. Here we go, another brainstorm.

Psykers will be rated in Mastery Levels 1 to 4. These levels will be
familiar with anyone who has played older Warhammer games.

Psyker powers are rated in a difficulty from 1 to 6.

During each psyker activation the psyker may use as many powers as he
wishes, allocating a number of dice equal to his mastery between them, with
a minimum of one die being necessary to activate the power.

The player can resolve the powers in any order he wishes, for rules purposes
they are assumed to be separate entities. If the psyker used three powers
and was destroyed in some manner by using the first power then the others
fizzle. All targets for the powers must be declared at one time. You cannot
use a power, see its effects, then target another one.

The psyker player then rolls the number of allocated dice and counts each
die that equals or exceeds the powers difficulty. Each die that does so is a
"success". Each success on a power increases it's range and effect.

Optional Rule: Backlash
Each die that comes up a 1 counts a point of backlash. If the number of
backlash points exceed the psykers mastery level then he is removed from the
game and his victory points are applied to the opponent.

Eldar do not suffer from backlash effects due to their use of runestones
while Ork psykers suffer backlash effects if the number EQUALS their
Mastery. Being an ork psyker is not a healthy occupation.

Psychic Contests
Some psyker powers require a contested psyker battle. For example, Purge

In this case each unit rolls its full mastery die total against a target
number equal to the opponents Mastery Level. Each success is counted and the
side with the most successes is the winner, usually resulting in the others
destruction. In a case where neither side scores any successes the contest
is a draw.

Special Rule: Grey Knights
For purposes of Purge Daemon each surviving stand gives a bonus d6 for this
test. Unfortunantely, each success above the number scored by the Knights
results in a stand (Knight players choice) being destroyed.

All psykers may attempt to dispel powers targeted within 25cm of them. In
this case they must allocate unused Mastery dice and roll vs the opponents
Mastery level (just as for an opposed test). Each allocated die that equals
or exceeds the opponents Mastery cancels one success for the targeted power.
If the number of successes is reduced to zero then the power fizzles.

Integration into current system
This system does require some modification to the current game, notably
special cases like ork psykers. In this case usuallty it's pretty
straightforward. For orks instead of getting power points the psyker gets a
number of extra mastery dice (which also increases the potential for
backlash destruction). Units with special psyker gear (force swords, Nemesis
weapons) get bonus Mastery dice or die roll bonuses depending on the gear.
Psi-titans could get reductions on power difficulty (resulting in more
successes with the same 1-4 Mastery Levels).

What do you think?

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