[NetEpic ML] Tyranid Codex

From: Kenneth <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 04:13:42 -0800

> Still a long way off, but apparently they're totally redoing the bug minis
> for 40k so that they are totally un-human. Apparently no more nice
> faces etc. The hive tyrant is supposed to be 4-legged, for instance.
> give us plenty of fun porting over to netepic / heresy *grin*

Whoa. I really feel for the old-guard Tyranid players.

They were saved from the wrath of GW for a long time and now they will be
getting the Royal Treatment(tm).

Hope you dedicated Tyranid players have the KY handy, you'll be needing it
after the new upgrade comes along and makes every mini you own obsolete heh.
You too can join the Happy Ranks of Space Marine, Ork(!), Squat (hahah NEVER
coming back now...), Imperial Guard, Eldar..hell.. everyone.

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