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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 10:37:42 -0600


I do not totally understand the Netepic version of titan vs. smaller CC,
could someone give an example of how this would work.
The titan anti-personel weapons work regardless of "who" charges "who" be it either the titan charging a stand or the other way around. Once contact has occured, roll one d6 per stand. Any rolls of 6 means ONE stand per 6 has survived. If there are "elite" troops then its on a 5 and 6. Once survivors have been established then roll for damage against the legs in case of most troops and anywhere IF they have jump/flight packs. IF titan armor is penetrated then damage occurs normally. IN case of vehicles it works the same except regardless of the outcome the vehicle is always destroys since it rams the titan. On a 6 it just happens to damage the titan as it is destroyed.

I did have one other thought that came up in a game a few weeks ago. Are
cavalry able to engage troops that are using forest for cover. Technically
they are inside the forest, and cavalry cannot charge into forest, only
advance through. Would the cavalry be able to initiate CC with troops that
are peeking out of forest?
Great question! I would rule that they may NOT initiate close combat, since they can not charge in it. Giving them the ability to even move through it was a bonus, I think it is a reasonable penalty to not let them assault and always give the grunts the upper hand. In other words move through rough terrain when infantry is not around, otherwise you'll be in for a bad day.

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