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I wholeheartedly agree that all these alternate mechanics and ideas should
appear in the optional book.

Kenneth Peters (Heresy Co-author) and I used to talk about this a lot. We
all must understand that wargames are designed with certain philosophies in
mind, certain concepts to highlight and others to abstract. The original
second edition space marine mechanic abstracts things like suppression and
fire fights in order to get a quick resolution. It isn't perfect (I
especially like the suggestion to allow some movement after CC to re-engage
to solve some of the issues I have at the moment with the design), but no
mechanic is. Epic 40k and Epic A are designed with those things in mind, but
they suffer from other problems. It's all a trade off. Choose your poison if
you will....

That's why Kenneth and I made Heresy, to design certain real life combat
concepts in the mechanic from the get go, but even then compromises were

As mentioned by Jar, its best to put these things in the optional book and
let players decide.

NetEpic is about choices after all. ;)


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I've a few suggestions that probably won't resolve things, but should gain
the approval of the KISS crowd.

1) Reroll ties - you win or you lose. This retains the 'there's no middle
ground' problem, but it's applied equally across all armies and doesn't
involve additional rolls or calculations. 2D6 + CAF and it's over.

2) No targeting restrictions. If your opponent can maneuver six stands onto
your HQ unit, you deserve it. If he can pile five stands onto one model and
leave another untouched, you need to have your units closer together.
Remember that if you're closer than 1 cm to a model you should be in Close
Combat. Yes it's arbitrary and a hole in realism, but it's also part of
tabletop maneuvering.

3) After all Close Combat has been resolved, a stand that has won and isn't
in base-to-base may make a 5 cm move. If this brings it into contact with
another model, no more dice are rolled - the combat is resolved on the next
player's turn.

I'm going to side with Peter on much of the CC arguement - the NE5 system
isn't built for realistic Close Combat. Let's have a simple, playable system
for now, and keep an eye on the E:A. I really like their Firefight and blast
marker system, so let's see how they do and incorporate those lessons into

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