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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:20:10 -0000

> I agree - nice pictures, and the addition of the multiple versions
> is cool. If you do all the GW minis like that you'll have a *very*
> impressive book. Unfortunately, it'll *be* a book.

Yup, it will be huge. It will probably have to be splitted between
the various armies - one book for imperials, one for orks, etc.
Still, I think it's a really needed work, and worth pursuing.

> Let me know what you think of my attempts and we can talk off the
> list about how to integrate our work.

I like your sections on painting tips, alternate manufacturers etc. I
don't think it would be that hard to mix the two, actually.... you
haven't put any picture in the book yet, while I'm going to
concentrate on them initially - so a merge should be simple. I can
certainly use lots of help for non-GW proxies, too - I'm utterly
unfamiliar with other 6mm sci-fi mini producers. And I'll also need
lots of help with all those new fancy detachments this group sneaked
in the army lists while I wasn't looking ;-)

To the others: thanks for the appreciation and support. Please
realize that it will take a rather long time to reach a decent
coverage. I'll concentrate initial efforts on the existing armies -
imperials (SM, IG and TL), orks, eldar, chaos, squats and bugs.
Variant armies, Tau etc. will be last, as there are no specific
models (except a few Forge World ones) and I'm much less familiar
with them anyway.

Immediate needs:

- pictures of plastic "unpunched" infantry sprues - infantry is going
to be a pain in the ass to cover, mainly because, except for the
"obvious" detachments (i.e. the main tactical ones, termies, exarchs
etc.) there' s no real "standard" picture to associate with many of
the special infantry types - usually you just put a bunch of "special
characters" on a base and call it "a medic stand" or whatever. By
having pictures of the source sprues, I can suggest actual model
compositions without the need to actually put in pictures of every
possible special stand variant. I need pictures both of the old
infantry sprues and the new (epic 40k) ones. And if you have E:A
models pictures, send those, too.

- pictures of painted infantry stands. This will go in the entry
relating to the various detachment types. Since I'm going to include
the sprues, I don't need anything too fancy here - a single, decently
painted stand will be enough as an example, with descriptive text
going on about how you can vary the composition.

- ork vehicles, eldar phantom and warlock titan. My old epic catalog
lacked the central pages. Ack.

- eldar knights and exodites.

- old thunderhawk model ("the flying brick")

- the capitol imperialis and the big-ass imperial tunneler (cannot
remember the name)

- I know all too well this is a long shot, but: painted titan
variants. You know, things like the wrecker, the devotional bell, the
landing carapace... or even the "vanilla" plastic weapons. I can scan
a catalog page with all the relevant pictures, but having them in
color would be nice

- old warlord titan ("the beetle"). I can easily find zillions of
warlords around the net though, so this is not a priority

The email is:


Don't worry about file size. It's my server, and I can do pretty much
what I want with it. Just split the pictures over several
messages if going over 5M. If you have a single picture over 5M, send
it anyway. The higher the resolution, the better. And don't worry
about duplication, either. I'll take care of the selection process.
Best format is .jpg, don't worry about size and the like - I'll scale
and snapshot directly from the monitor.

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