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You just don't get it. Close combat isn't limited to actual physical
combat. It involves short ranged shooting, grenades, in addition to swords
and knives. Vehicles also bring other elements into close combat, they can
try to ram or crush their opponents under their treads.

The reason units are pinned in close combat is because they would make
themselves too vulnerable to attack if they tried to withdraw from their
enemy. It is much better to try and destroy the enemy in this close range
environment than it would be to turn tail and run away. Turning your back
to the enemy generally means that they don't have to worry about your
weapons, they don't have to waste time defending themselves, and they have
the benefit of attacking your weakest armor. The enemy gets a triple
benefit when you turn and run.

Pinning simulates the fact that you are faced with an immediate threat that
must be eliminated before you can do anything else. If you don't eliminate
the enemy, you will be killed or captured. If you run away, the enemy will
simply be able to gun you down. Your only realistic choice is to eliminate
the enemy first. Close combat will continue until there is a clear victor.

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> > And a Tank can pin a Tank?
> No. I have sent mail about this before. How would two tanks fight it out?
> strapping hatchets on gun barrels and rotating the turret very fast.
> However, this was about infantry vs tanks.
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