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>Yes, I understand and agree with the intent, if not the execution.
>.. Since I cannot read the current wording of the rules due to PDF
>issues, could you post the paragraph specifically dealing with how
>animosity is currently handled in game?


        Greater Daemons don’t like each other very much. In fact, some of them hate each other so much that they may be overcome by their personal hatred, ignore any mutual foes and attack their rival. This is called animosity. At the end of the Orders Phase, point to each of your Greater Daemons and roll a D6 for every other Greater Daemon that it can see and is within 50 cm. On any result of 4+, that Greater Daemon will attack the rival Greater Daemon – generally this is by placing it on Charge Orders, but be reasonable and use its most effective attack. A Greater Daemon of Tzeentch is more likely to go on First Fire and target its opponent. If there’s more than one valid target, determine the lucky one randomly. Daemons from the same Power do not need to make animosity checks.
        One of the annoying things about having Greater Daemons run amok is that they take the local Chaos troops with them. Greater Daemons have an aura of raw Chaos energy that inspires allies, terrorizes everyone and commands those nearby to do their bidding. This is a good thing when it comes to morale checks, but bad when animosity occurs. All Chaos troops with a model within 10 cm of a Greater Daemon under the influence of animosity receive the exact same orders as the Greater Daemon, and must direct all Charges / weapons fire at the same enemy.
        To prevent players from maneuvering troops to keep their Greater Daemons from entering combat with each other, Greater Daemons will overrun things in their way. Roll a d6: 1-4 the little thing dodged, 5-6 it dies as the Greater Daemon stomps it flat. Big obstacles (like titans) are merely avoided along the way. If a Greater Daemon simply can’t get to it’s enemy it’ll attack whatever is in between (friend, foe or inanimate object).

Picture goes here, of three Daemons all within 50 cm of each other.

        Example: In the situation above, all three Greater Daemons are within 50 cm and can see each other. Three dice are rolled: one for the yellow-blue pair, one for the yellow-green pair and one for the green-blue pair. The Chaos player has bad luck and rolls 2, 5 and 4, indicating that both the yellow-green and the blue-green pairs suffer from animosity. Both the yellow and the blue Greater Daemons (and all Chaos units within 10 cm of each) will target the green one with their most effective attacks. The green Greater Daemon (and all Chaos units within 10 cm) will target one of it’s rivals: 1-3 the blue one gets it, 4-6 the yellow one does.

Note: Animosity is new to version 5.0 and needs some serious playtesting. The range between Greater Daemons, the chance to occur and whether or not the local troops are affected are all variable. Please try various combinations and give feedback to the NetEpic Discussion Group. Thank you.

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