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Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 05:54:50 -0000

"It is also said that Khorne's daemons will hunt
down and destroy any warrior who betrays his honour by killing a
helpless innocent or murdering in cold
blood. Khorne's great delight is battle and the spilling of blood." ...
This is why Khorne hates Slaanesh

And please remember Rubric of Ahriman is cast to stop mutations which
is opposite to Nurgle.

"Although the factions will often unite under a powerful
Warlord to fight a common enemy, their enmity can cause problems
during a battle. This is represented by
the following rules:
Formations belonging to Khorne hate those belonging to Slaanesh, and
vice-versa.Formations belonging to
Tzeentch hate those belonging to Nurgle, and vice-versa." This is from
what is gonna be E:A Chaos army.

I don't agree with Jar Tzeentch is a shooty army right but Slaanesh
with all the Knights can be a shooty army and with the deamon engines
Khorne can field a shooty army too.

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