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From: Peter Ramos <primarch_at_...>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 11:48:22 -0400

Toma Diener wrote:

>Yes, I understand and agree with the intent, if not the execution.
>.. Since I cannot read the current wording of the rules due to PDF
>issues, could you post the paragraph specifically dealing with how
>animosity is currently handled in game?

After reviewing all the messages I perceive that there is some confusion
from what the dissent is, and what the rule IS (Heck, I'm confused too!).

The rule as written, is that ALL demons, regardless of power suffer from
animosity. Even several demons from the same power dont like each other
much. So in essence the rule as written is even more stern than what I
prposed as "pervasive" animosity.

Now, I think it should be discussed whether the rule as written is too
much or okay.

I think as written, it addresses the game balance issues without
ignoring pat or present fluff. Heck, a lot of the fiction promotes that
animosity DOES apply to all demons even those that serve the same power,
since they are each others rival as much as the other powers.

I beleive it solve the game balance issue and lets individuals dcide who
hates who more..... ;-)

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