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From: Peter Ramos <primarch_at_...>
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 16:21:00 -0400


Jarreas Underwood wrote:

>There are two issues here which seem to have been confuzzled.
>One: Alliances between Chaos Powers.
>This is the "Can I run a combined Khorne-Nurgle-Slaanesh-Tzeentch army?" question. The general answer is "no" and the consensus was to restrict certain pairs. This is the extent of the current poll, in which you vote for the pair that can't be run together. The current favorites are Khorne-Tzeentch and Khorne-Slaanesh.
>Please note: This has nothing to do with interactions between Greater Daemons - this is strictly an army construction question.
I'm beginning to understand now.... :-[

I think the first step in this part of the equation is whether or not
the "no allies" maxim that we have applied to most armies (particularly
imperial ones) should be used in the chaos army.

My inclination is yes, due to the game balance issue previously discussed.

Unlike animoisty, which perhaps needs more testing, the issue of allies
is easier to adjudicate, since after all a lot of people have played
Netepic with chaos being freely able to ally between the powers and see
its effects.

I for one know from experience that being able to use chaos in such a
manner is very unbalanced. It REALLY needs some sort of restriction.

Of course the troublesome part is "what" or "who" to restrict......

>Two: Animosity.
>This is the "Do my Greater Daemons attack each other?" question. As animosity stands there's a 1-in-6 chance that a Greater Daemon will attack any other (different Power) Greater Daemon that is within 50 cm. If you run one Power or keep your Greater Daemons more than 50 cm away from each other, there is no effect.
>Please note: This has nothing to do with army construction. This is also new to version 5 and carries a "please playtest this and let us know how it works" comment.
Given the last posts, I dont think animosity is a problem with list
members, it seems more of an issue or optional versus core. The above
problem of "allies" will probably take precendence in our discussions now.

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