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From: Stephane Montabert <kotrin_at_...>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 02:09:12 -0700 (PDT)

I've been reading through the "hot" debate over Chaos
combinations ;) and as usual I'm so happy to see that
NetEpic community is so full of reasonable, open
minded people. It's really a breath of fresh air when
it comes to rule design.

I like Yar's analysis over the two sides of animosity:
a rule for army building and a rule for game play.
Maybe they should be combined in both, maybe not.

Personnally, I don't like the idea of Chaos Power
Pairs - too restrictive and arbitrary. Basically, it
means that by running a single-power chaos army, you
put yourself at a distinct disadvantage since you
could field units from the associated power without
any drawback. While it stands in the name of fluff, it
means that there are two Chaos armies, one dual-god
pair or the other, and not four.

Second, I don't like animosity rule "roll a D6, on 1
something terrible happen". Too random, and involving
range checks in the middle of the game.

Players should be allowed to field an army with 1, 2,
3 or even all Chaos deities, but putting themselves at
a greater risk each time. This should be kept simple
and not cripple the game with a "on a d6 roll of 1
throw your battle plan out of the window" effect.
Also, I would not build any "affinity" nor "hate"
between powers - they are just concurrent gods.

So, here is a suggestion:

- If the Chaos army features more than one chaos god,
for each power beyond the first the player must
discard one chaos card from his hand before game
- If the Chaos army features more than one chaos god,
each chaos card must be allocated to a given chaos
god. The chaos card distributed in this way can only
be used on this god's units or to save Greater Daemons
affiliated to him.

Thus if a player has 3 greater daemons belonging to 2
powers, he will get 8 cards, not 9, and he will have
to divide those 8 cards into two stacks - making the
whole army less flexible and reliable, since he could
not play *any* chaos card to save *any* greater daemon

For fluff reason, the explanation is simple: the more
Powers are involved into a battle, the more cautious
and mistrustful each Chaos God is, weakening the raw
energy of Chaos. For a maximum flexibility with Chaos
cards, a chaos player should take only one God. He
still could build a 4-power army for large games, but
then he would only have 9 cards allocated to 4

I think this "Chaos Card approach" is simple and does
not require range checks or dice roll, while being
restrictive enough to be taken into account by Chaos



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"It's better to enlarge the game than to restrict the players." -- Eric Wujcik

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