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>Did I get this system right: If you take a standard
>Eldar army you can take up to 50% of your points from,
>say, Marines? ("Any other standard list except Chaos &
>Tyranids") Or even Orks? <shudder>

That's right. Just like if, say, you take a standard Marine army you can ally up to 50% with Orks or Eldar. Are you just noticing the standard army construction rules?

>Um, where in the fluff does it say that Tempest and
>Phantom hosts are for the select few only?

It doesn't, which is why I put forth my reasoning. I wanted to restrict the tempest companies and titan battle groups to the craftworlds, so I only put them in the craftworld lists.

>Here's what I propose.
>1) Give Each Craftworld ONE unique advantage in the
>form of an unit the others can't have and which is
>tied to the background.

Have you taken a look at the Eldar book on Yahoo at the moment? I did just that. Here's a summary of the existing pros & cons for each craftworld:

Pro: Any Pathfinders they buy get the "Deploy Anywhere" ability instead of just Infiltrate.
Con: This isn't a very big advantage so no cons other than being a codex army and having to spend 75% of your points on Eldar.

Pro: Phoenix Host, which is any three Aspect Warrior detachments grouped into a company, plus a phoenix lord stand. The advantage is the increased break point number.
Con: None that I could think of. The Phoenix host is *expensive* though, and that should offset folks abusing it.

Pro: Wraith host instead of the Spirit Host (you get an extra Wraithguard detachment for free)
Con: Can't buy Guardian Hosts (can buy Defender hosts though - you just can't field infantry without the armor support as they're not willing to field so many unprotected troops)

Saim Hann
Pro: Wind Rider Host and a pair of Revenant scout titans as a Support Card instead of a Special Card.
Con: Can't buy Tempest Hosts or Phantom titan battle groups.

Pro: Black Guardian hosts (four Guardian detachments for the price of three)
Con: Eldar aren't a horde army, so if you try and play one that's enough of a limitation to make this a balanced advantage.

This has been up for months, and I'm trying to get feedback before it becomes official.

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