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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 10:50:57 -0600


  I have edited the slann file and is now available in the vault, updating includes:

  1. Mantis missiles fired every other turn
  2. Sentence added to scarab description to make it clearer
  3. Kroxigors are now 5 models for 150 making them a more attractive buy
  4. minor editing.

  Its vital you guys keep giving input to mold these rules, we'll update as we go along.


  Well I failed, I had a few bad dice at times of need, and some really dumb moves on my part HEHEHE!!! All in all, I was pleased with the 2000pt army I used that night Exodus, scouts, kroxigors, kroxigors, necron cubemaster, scarabs (the marker), frog mechs. I feel the kroxigors are over priced at 200pts. Take a look at other races stats in the same price range, and you'll see my point.
  Tyrainds (genestealers), Tech-Guard (knight paladin), Imp gaurd (ogryn), Squat(biker or triker), Orks (extra Nobz), Chaos (termies or bikes), Space marines (same as Chaos), plus all but one of these squads can be controled. I feal that if you want to keep them at 200pts there is 3 ways to fix this, 1 give them a Necron lord, 2 give them another stand or maybe two, 3 leave them as they were.
  Taking one turn to reload the Mantis missiles worked out great. I could still slow down some of his units, but, not over power his army like I did last time.
  But, If the kroxigors are to remain at 200pts then they will no longer see battle use in my army. I'll drop them take Necron dreads add Scarab tank card to them for 300pts.
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