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From: Jim <jim1977cov_at_...>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 18:19:51 -0000


Just joined the group today. Hi all!

After playing SM since 1st Ed I have been reading the NetEpic V5
rules. I then saw the NetEpic Gold preview in Incoming and I have just
downloaded the draft version. Can I offer my services to proof read
and feedback typos and inconsistency/clarification issues?

Are the core rules in NetEpic Gold the same as the ones in V5 with
just better presentation? I ask becuase I have noted a few issues in
V5 rules and find them easir to proof read at work (less images to get
me caught!!) ;-)


--- In, Peter Ramos <primarch@...> wrote:
> Hi!
> Time to wake up all you sleepy heads with some interesting stuff.
> After what seems an eternity the initial work on netepic gold, the
> illustrated, color with stories rulebook for 5.0 is done!
> While some formatting will be done and inevitable errata correction
> occur, you can follow the link to see what the layout looks like.
> Its a big file (11.6 megs), but its small compared to what it will
> when all the army lists are added.
> I would appreciate any critisms on anything. Especially proofreading
> typos or ommisions. This book is the climax to 8 and a half years of
> netepic development.
> I hope when you see it you are as pleased as I was.
> Let the comments and discussion begin!
> Peter
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