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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 13:44:46 -0600


I would list the things you found lacking in the dark eldar army so as to fix them with Darius help. I would like to complete that army list for inclusion in the core rules.

Also, as your playtesting evolves make a full account of all the slann things that you deem that need changing so I may revise the rules again and include your recommendations.

As for figures and skimmers, I have been lokking at the Ainsty miniatures long and hard. My question is are they not too small? True microarmor scale (1:300) is smaller than standard epic scale. Unfortunatewly GW never has considered scale much and all the figs are out of scale especially vehicles and knights. While slightly larger figs are okay, smaller ones look out of place. Do you or anyone else own these Ainsty figs and can give me a good comaprison of size. This will be very imprtant in my final determination of adopting them as "official" miniature proxies for the slann.

I do like your choices of mechs and vehicles for the slann it gives them a very slann feel.

Although I have visualized most necron vehicles as tracked from the Game Masters line, the grav "feel" is very slannish. I was even thinking in expanding the slann list to make an Exodite slann army where these models would be better suited.

Opinions? Ideas?

  Played aginst that dark eldar army, that army needs alot of tweakin, he left out alot of things about about that army. Well the Slann, we felt that the magus was alittle to strong for the points you have him set at. Doing the math, I think you have him at 100 to 125 pts, I feel as though he sould be at 150 pts. This would increase the slann magus by 25pts. Though not alot, this might stop you from getting another unit, balancing out the army in smaller scale wars. He felt that the kroxigors should be 5 models for 200pts, but, I would like to test them at what they are for afew more games to be sure. Not being able to control them if not in command radius is something he is not taking into cosideration. He keeps tring to compare them to ogryn for the imps, but, I keep pointing out all the other armies great hand-to-hand guys. The tormentor tanks were balanced very well, had good hitting power, but not over powering on the battlefield. Final thought is, give the Slann back their skimmers, atleast for the APC tanks.

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