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> The points you make are very good. But have you ever thought about
> this:
> A titan on First Fire does not move. The titan is as big as a building.
> (A skiny, wavering building in the case of Eldar)
> How can your weapon even fail to hit? Think about it.

> Well, you asked. First you have this thing that is as big as a building
drawing its guns on you. That JUST MIGHT make you alittle nervous and you
might not take you time to aim and squeeze the trigger more like jerk it a
few times then run like HELL! As for the Eldar The Halo feild is supposed to
mess up your targeters, normal troops might see 3 or 4 of them not knowing
witch is the real target.

> Why should you even roll the dice? Why should you roll scatter on a

Well guns might jam, miss fire, or while you 'er triing to get that loaf out
of your pants might forget to reload.

> titan template? Why not simply say "I aimed at your head, your
> automaticly hit." Really, why not?

The template is to show that while many shots hit THAT was the SHOT that did
> I think the answer is this:
> Even though we roll the die to see if the weapon hits, those missed
> shots do not just vanish into the Warp. Yes, some miss the titan
> completly, landing on the battlefield somewhere. But, other shots do
> not miss. They simply hit strong parts of the armor and do no real
> damage. Or, they hit and damage a non-critical system. Maybe they hit
> an important system, but it has a redundant backup. Shots that miss,
> often really do hit the target, they just don't do enough damage.
> Now, as vehicles get smaller, the chance to miss gets higher. Smaller
> vehicles have less armor, they rely more on thier speed and small
> profile to avoid getting hit in the first place. The same principle
> holds true for any other unit in the game.
> I think that all this weapons fire (including a lot the missed shots)
> combines, to eventually overload the Void Shields/Power Fields. Void
> Shield generators were equiped with circuit breakers, Power Fields
> generators were not.
> Well that's my thought on the subject. What does everyone else think?
> Warprat ;)
> How about scaling weapon damage? I mean, should a single stand of
> infantry be able to take down any titan's void shield? Does that stand
> generate enough energy/power to take down/overload the shield? I would
> say not. Something like 6 infantry scale hits in a single turn, to take
> down 1 shield. 5 for hvy weapons, and 2 for the bigger guns. Things
> like the volcano cannon, and other titan weapons would still act as
> normal. I do see where this could cause some PITA work, but it does
> make some sense. This would help put an end to the use of infantry
> firing off to take down the shileds before hitting a titan with the big
> stuff. Other than that, the stuff above works for me.
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