[NetEpic ML] Revision Core rules

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 16:40:02 -0600


I'll knock out a few issues in the core rules so as to leave us with the major task of the army lists and titans.

Note the purpose of this revision is to reduce the enormous amount of stuff net epic has and make it a "tighter" rule set. All the alternate stuff will be moved to the optional book.

Vote on each issue Yea, or nay. Those points that are rejected will be discussed in depth.

Issue #1

turn sequence with the apparent acceptance of tghe simpler intergrated flyer rules the sequence is as follows:

Order phase
Movement phase
Combat phase
End phase

Issue #2

Super heavy vehicle damage table, basically it adds resilency to them, there are more elaborate table but I propose the simple one to be adopted as mainstream since thats what most use any way:

When the super heavy fails a save roll d6
1- no effect
2-3 -1 to hit, half the CAF, can be repaired by techies, another result like this means destruction
4-6 super heavy destroyed.

This applies to knights as well

Issue #3

Pinning, has the following categories as shown by list opnions

1. Infantry cavalry (includes bikes and dreadnoughts)
2. vehicles (most tanks)
3. Knights super heavies
4. Titans praetorians

Skimmers are now included in their respective category above. They may leave in their next move as always but are considered pinned if they choose to stay and thus can NOT be fired from out side shooters.

These are the only issues of note in the core rules as they stand all other alternate rules are to be removed to the optional book.

Once these are settled Titans and their weapons are next.

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