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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 09:44:28 -0600


Your friends move is illegal. Although he may move and fire in first fire, pop-up REQUIRES the unit to be stationary in order to do this manuever.

When you have mass close combat the player with the MOST units involves decides the order in which it is resolved, REGARDLESS of who charged who.

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Can you solve a couple of arguments for me. My Eldar playing opponant
presumes that since hi Warlock is a command unit it can move in its
Falcon & also do a pop up at the end of his move. Is this correct.
Also when many differing units are being thrown into the fray (ie each
side charging into a close assault as their turn to move0 how can you
determine who the attacker is & therefore who has the right to
determine what unit fights first?


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