[NetEpic ML] Revision issues that are currently favored.

From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 10:00:28 -0600

Issue #1

turn sequence with the apparent acceptance of tghe simpler intergrated flyer rules the sequence is as follows:

The following issues seem to have passed with little or no opposition

1. Move reactor to rear of Warlord Titans.
2 Increase repair values of Imperial titans to 4+ and Eldar to 3+ . Even in the case of those opposed they wanted it to appear at greater cost which will be done anyway.

Note that if you want top keep the old repair values you can do so at lesser cost.

QUESTION: Will the better repair values apply to the warlord or ALL imperial titans?

Issue #1
Order phase
Movement phase
Combat phase
End phase

Issue one has passed unanimously, I will repost the newer simpler flyer rules for re-review.
Issue #2

Super heavy vehicle damage table, basically it adds resilency to them, there are more elaborate table but I propose the simple one to be adopted as mainstream since thats what most use any way:

When the super heavy fails a save roll d6
1- no effect
2-3 -1 to hit, half the CAF, can be repaired by techies, another result like this means destruction
4-6 super heavy destroyed.

Will ONLY apply to super heavies, NOT knights

Issue #3

Pinning, has the following categories as shown by list opnions

1. Infantry cavalry (includes bikes and dreadnoughts)
2. vehicles (most tanks)
3. Knights super heavies
4. Titans praetorians

Skimmers are now included in their respective category above. They may leave in their next move as always but are considered pinned if they choose to stay and thus can NOT be fired from out side shooters.

This point was also passed without much opposition.

Additional points
1. Holofields, most would like to see it portect against barrages since otherwise the titans are pretty useless (I agree), therefore we should use the older hit modifying system. My values are too high, so I recommend using those proposed by Darius:

First fire, -1
Advance, -2
Charge, -3

I will prepare the first volley of things for the titan review which is next.

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